Eurobodalla Labor supports small business. It is the lifeblood of this shire, providing goods and services to us all, and providing much needed employment.

The last two years have not been easy for small business, and the council has a role to play to assist our small businesses to grow and prosper especially in difficult conditions.

for small business we will

  • expect that the council respects competitive neutrality when it engages in commercial activity, so that it does not have an unfair advantage over competing small businesses.
  •  review tendering processes used by the council to ensure that local small businesses are not at an unfair disadvantage with larger out of shire businesses when tenders are called.
  • We will re-convene business and tourism co-ordination committees in the council, so that there is regular communication between local businesses and the council.

For jobs we will

  •  expect that the council is a model employer, providing employment conditions that meet all standards.
  •  encourage council staff to join a union, as the unions are the way that individual staff members are protected, and have their voices heard.
  •  work with other employers to build varied job opportunities for our community.
  •  be a strong advocate for apprentices in the shire. This includes providing varied apprenticeship positions at council.



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