Eurobodalla Labor will:

  • Concentrate our efforts at the Council level on disaster preparedness, rather than on disaster recovery
  • Work with the State and Federal Government to obtain funding for a dedicated disaster control centre in the Shire.
  • Ensure that we have adequate evacuation centres in the Shire, with provision for people with limited mobility and infants.
  • Build a resilience plan for the Shire, with a focus on caring for the most vulnerable in our community
  • Work at village level to build local resilience plans, including provisioning villages with resources such as temporary housing, first aid materials, food preparation, water and communication equipment.  The plan would include training residents to use the resources provided.


Read what we have to say about disaster preparedness

Presentation on Natural Disasters

Presentation on QON21/003 BUSHFIRE RESPONSE I would like first to congratulate Cr Mayne for this question as it is important to thoroughly review what we did and what we learnt from the disastrous fires in 2019 and early 2020. I would also like to congratulate and...

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