If we are  elected to Council we will:

  • Reduce the effects of climate change by supporting the transition to a zero emissions future.
  • Activate Council’s membership of Cities Power Partnership to take advantage of its coordination of the 150 other local government across Australia working towards a zero emissions future.
  • Encourage rooftop solar use and wiring for electric vehicles (EVs) for homes in Eurobodalla.  Eurobodalla Labor will look at ways of encouraging both to be included for new houses and businesses as well as in renovations.
  • Identify and zone suitable local land for renewable energy generation, or lease council land for community owned power projects.
  • Support solar bulk-buys for residents or purchase locally produced renewable energy from community power projects.
  • Work with state governments and the Federal Government to build a strong network of EV charging stations along the Princes Highway.
  • Extend Eurobodalla’s ‘active transport’ network to foster safe and pleasant zero emissions commuting or exercising on foot, cycling and scooting.
  • Develop and improve strategies to protect our waterways and coastal areas so that they continue to support businesses, including aquaculture and tourism, farmers, and residents and visitors who use them for recreation.
  • Urgently review our planning documents to take into account climate change and include strategies to reduce its effects.

Read what we have to say about environment and climate change

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