Eurobodalla Labor supporters say they’re ready for a new era in how Eurobodalla Shire residents are governed with a likely large turnover of councillors and a new mayor in the chamber following the recent local government elections.

Lead Labor candidate David Grace, who will become one of the new councillors based on current polling results, said it was clear the community wanted change in its local government leadership.

“We hoped the mood was right for a strongly progressive council to be elected,” Mr Grace said “and while it might not end up being as progressive as we would have liked, there will be a new era in the council now.

“Having a Labor councillor for the first time will be the seed for a more progressive council into the future. This is a positive outcome for Labor and for Eurobodalla, and must not be under-estimated.

“I will remain committed, as we undertook at the start of this on-again/off-again election process, to listen to the voters, to ensure full transparency and accountability, and to work in the collective interests of the entire community,” Mr Grace said.

“We knew there would be challenges for the electorate since election booths opened 22 November, including new 100m ‘no-go’ zones where volunteers were barred from assisting voters with the customary how-to-vote flyers.

“This led to a higher than usual informal vote outcome and less preferential voting than previous elections.

“We hope the State Electoral Commission will review the restrictions and changes made during this election, and will welcome feedback as we will be willing to provide our view of how this poll was conducted now that it’s over,” Mr Grace added.

ElectionsNSW is expected to be monitoring the process in this pandemic era, looking at the many consequences and reactions, as will the major parties in preparation for forthcoming state by-elections and the 2022 federal election.

“I also want to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Eurobodalla Labor for Council candidates — Maureen SearsonMatthew FindlayClaire McAshDeirdre Russack and Jack Egan — for their commitment to this campaign and to the people of the shire,” Mr Grace said. “They represent what’s so important about the values of this great political movement — the Australian Labor Party — and the importance of community.

“The Labor volunteers up and down the shire also were instrumental in bringing this monumental change to the council with a Labor voice now formally at the table; their contributions were hugely important and I thank them.

“The candidates won’t simply disappear into the woodwork with this election over.

“They’re all active members of their local communities in this shire, and will continue to be — whether it’s in small business, in community services, in volunteer firefighting, or in climate action initiatives. And they’ll continue to be proud Labor supporters upon whom you can count to listen to the people and to act in their best interests,” he added.

Further information, interviews:  David Grace M 0466 487 844

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