Labor for Eurobodalla Council – Gender Equity and Social Inclusion in Eurobodalla Council and Community

According to the World Health Organisation: 

Gender equity refers to the fairness and justice in the distribution of benefits and responsibilities between women and men. The concept recognizes that women and men have different needs and power, and that these differences should be identified and addressed in a

Eurobodalla Shire Council plays a vital role in creating and supporting environments that allow everyone in our community to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. This means providing all community members with equal opportunity to have a say in Council decisions that affect their daily lives.

Gender equity and social inclusion recognises the different needs and barriers faced by women, men and people with diverse gender identities related to their social positions and factors such as age, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, sexuality, indigeneity and disabilities. Women are more likely to deal with juggling work and family responsibilities, moving around public places with prams and young children or issues of domestic violence. People with disabilities need proper access to facilities and public spaces.

People from culturally diverse backgrounds need access to culturally appropriate services.

Eurobodalla Labor will be a leader in promoting Council’s responsibility to properly understand and respond to the needs of different groups within our community so that everyone can benefit.  We will promote broad community consultation throughout the Shire and ensure fair decision making on issues of resource allocation, service delivery and infrastructure development. This includes consulting with and supporting community-based organisations that represent and serve vulnerable groups in our Shire.

Where services and facilities are not directly under Council responsibility in areas such as health, education and social housing, Eurobodalla Labor will actively advocate to relevant state and federal government agencies so that different needs of women and men, girls and boys are better addressed.

Eurobodalla Labor also supports diversity in Council to help better understand and respond to the diverse needs of our local populations.   As the level of government closest to communities, it is vital that our Council reflects all the people it serves and ensure fair decision making.  Positive gender equity and social inclusion policies will make our Council a more competitive employer. We will promote best practice in providing respectful safe workplaces and equal employment opportunities (including for internships).  We will also expect and encourage companies working with the Council to demonstrate a similar commitment.

If elected to Council, Eurobodalla Labor will –

Emphasise the need for a Council commitment to social justice, fairness, inclusion, advocacy and diversity as core principles

  • Actively promote integration of gender equity as central to Council’s existing operational systems, recruitment, planning, policy, and strategy work
  • Listen to and discuss with different groups of women, men and gender diverse people about how we can best serve them to create a more fair and equitable community

Eurobodalla Labor will actively work with the community to address issues that promote gender equity and social inclusion including (but not limited to):

  • Safety and security in public places
  • Accessible and clean pathways and public facilities
  • Culturally appropriate support and services that respond to the needs of women from Aboriginal and cultural and linguistically diverse communities and culturally and linguistically diverse populations
  • Advocate for a dedicated staff position in council to focus on the Eurobodalla multicultural community
  • Different needs of women and men recovering from the Black Summer Bushfires and impact of Covid-19

Eurobodalla Labor is committed to working as part of a progressive council that serves the Eurobodalla community fairly, openly, justly and inclusively.

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