Well you might ask “what is Odd Socks Day” after weeks of COVID-lockdowns. Is it anything to do with rearranging our collective sock drawers; or finding odd socks which don’t necessarily match; or even finding something in your sock drawer you thought you’d lost?

Eurobodalla Labor for Council believes it’s all these things and more, as mayoral candidate David Grace and his team of councillor candidates step up to recognise the importance of reducing the stigma of mental ill-health and raising awareness  of this serious issue — at the same time as having some fun wearing odd socks.

“We want to see everyone openly discuss mental ill-health issues, just as you would with a physical injury or any other health issue on Odd Socks Day,” Mr Grace said today.

“One in five Australians aged 16-85 experience mental ill-health in any year.

“When you wear odd socks, you’ll be helping GROW raise awareness of mental health issues and help to stamp out the stigma around mental ill-health. 

“By wearing a pair of odd socks, you’re on your way to starting the conversation about mental well-being,” he added.

Odd Socks Day is also an opportunity for Eurobodalla Labor for Council to report its collective findings on the most common item its candidates — for mayor, David Grace from Broulee and for councillor Maureen Searson from Batehaven, Matthew Findlay from Batemans Bay, Claire McAsh from Moruya, Deirdre Russack from Narooma, and Jack Egan from Rosedale — have lost in their sock drawers.

“The most common item we all seem to have lost is Mayor Liz Innes; she has been no where to be found, and she certainly didn’t turn up in any of the team’s sock drawers,” Mr Grace said.

“We all also noted we seem to have lost the important connection between the council and the community it represents,” he added.

The Eurobodalla Labor for Council team encourages all local residents to support Odd Socks Day and commends the services and support provided by mental health practitioners and services throughout the shire.

Further information:    David Grace, Labor Mayoral candidate   M: 0466 487 844