This is a Press release from local group  Dalmeny Matters, which formed when the Council surprised everyone by proposing to sell a large parcel of land in Dalmeny.

The Eurobodalla Labor team has supported the Dalmeny community’s concerns about this development from the time it was brought before the council.  We are strongly of the view that although developments are necessary in the shire, they need to be carried out to at least maintain, and preferably improve the environment in which we live.  This includes ensuring that species other than humans also can enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

Eurobodalla Labor supports further study of this area to ensure that any developments will not adversely affect yellow-bellied gliders or other threatened species, and we will take whatever action is needed to ensure the council meets its obligations to protect the yellow-bellied glider, as detailed in the Eurobodalla Settlement Strategy.”