Embargoed until 0200hrs Wednesday 25 August 2021

Labor councillor candidate Claire McAsh said today she is shocked at the disrespect the Eurobodalla Shire Council (ESC), a local government of which she hopes soon to be a member, shows to the local community.

Ms McAsh, a qualified environmental scientist, has a background in engineering consultancies as a design drafter, spatial mapping specialist and manager, and is now focused on aquaculture businesses, specifically in the oyster industry.

“I  attended council’s Tuesday (24 August) ZOOM meeting for public submissions where yet again the mayor was absent,” Ms McAsh said. “As always, this is a shame.

“I clicked out of that online council meeting at the end, feeling infected with the organisation’s toxicity. It almost made me feel like there was no point trying to make a change or pushing for better decisions and ultimately, a better council.

“But I know there are people out there who keep chipping away and I am heartened by their tenacity and grit in continually standing up to this lot of councillors and the mayor.

“To all those community members who have presented at council, I want to truly thank you for your perseverance,” she said.

Ms McAsh, who now as a local business owner sells her family’s oysters direct to restaurants and delivers to the public’s doors during COVID, says she shares her father’s and brother’s passion operating the oyster farm.

“I’ve travelled and worked elsewhere but this has always been my home,” Moruya-raised Ms McAsh said. “Having returned to Eurobodalla and having experienced other local governments, I am shocked at the disinterest and disrespect shown to people making submissions to this council.

“I implore everyone out there to vote for a new group of councillors.

“I am inspired by those in the community who haven’t given up challenging this council, to hang in there for the postponed 4 December ESC elections when we can look forward to a new council that is engaged, honest and respectful,” she added.

Ms McAsh is part of the Eurobodalla for Labor ticket which includes mayoral candidate David Grace of Broulee, Maureen Searson in Batehaven, Matthew Findlay in Batemans Bay, Deirdre Russack in Narooma and Jack Egan in Rosedale.

Further information:    Claire McAsh, Labor Councillor candidate   M: 0457 750 075